wedding planner

Wedding Reception Planner



This Planner has been designed to help you and our DJ/Entertainer plan out all the details of your wedding reception. The following is the All Sounds Unlimited standard wedding reception agenda. This list reflects our past years of experience performing at wedding receptions just like the one you are planning now!!

You should consider this list as only a suggested itinerary for your wedding reception. We will sit down with you and make a plan for your wedding reception tailored to your needs and desires!! All events listed on the agenda are always hosted with professionalism and true entertainment value. We hope you find this agenda suggestion helpful and insightful as you plan your reception!!


Let The Festivities Begin!

While your guests are arriving at your reception, we will welcome your guests on your behave and make general announcements to aquaint them with the facility and your plans. We will be playing soft and romantic background music to help create the perfect atmosphere before you arrive.


The Grand Entrance

When the bride, groom and bridal party arrive we will gather everyone’s attention and start the introductions. As we work our way threw the bridal party to the bride and groom we will be prepared to play a special grand entrance selection for the new Mr. and Mrs.____________________.



Next we will coordinate with your caterer and announce that the buffet or dinner is ready to be served. Naturally the bride and groom will go first, followed by the wedding party, immediate family and all of your guests.


The Toast

Once everyone has been served and the dinner is close to completion, we will introduce the Bestman and hand the Microphone over to him to propose the traditional toast.


Cutting The Cake

Shortly after the toast, its time for desert. We will lower the music and gather everyone’s attention to the cake where the bride and groom will proceed to cut the cake and feed each other cake. Hopefully they eat more than they wear!!


The Bouquet Toss

The bride now has the pleasure of throwing her bouquet. We will have a special selection of music ready to play for this event to help get all the single ladies up to the dance floor. We will announce and organize this event so that it is fun for all.


The Garter Toss

After the bouquet toss, we will move right into another exciting moment, the garter toss! We will have another fun selection ready to play as we help gather the guys up to the dance floor. As the groom kneels to remove the garter we will play a great selection, that’s clean and in good taste, which is essential to this event. After the groom removes the garter, we will announce and organize the garter toss.


The Wedding Song / First Dance

A romantic and memorable moment to embrace as we dim the house lights and start our rotating mirror ball to create an intimate starlight atmosphere. We will gather everyone’s attention and introduce the bride and groom and their special wedding song.


Special Dances

After you have shared a special romantic moment together under the stars, you might choose to have a special dance with your parents or the bridal party. If you choose to do so, we will play the songs of your choice and keep everyone’s attention centered on the dance floor while we honor these special people with a dance. Another popular dance is the Anniversary dance, where we invite all of the married couples to join you on the dance floor for a special dance.


The Dollar Dance

If you decide to have a Dollar Dance, we will conduct this event next. The Dollar Dance is usually the last event before we invite everyone to join us on the dance floor.


Celebrate / Party Time

The formalities are over!! It’s time to start the celebration, crank up the excitement and put on those dancing shoes. At this point we will invite everyone to make song requests, help themselves to the rest of the food and drink, and dance the night away!!


Let Us Help You Plan To Have Fun
At Your Wedding Reception!!