Up Lighting

Up Lighting Options

Up Lighting by All Sounds Unlimited

Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your event.  Up Lighting that is shown up walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event, and enhance the mood! You can even place them outside and shine them up trees or into bushes or wash walls with to great a great lighting effect.


Choose from a variety of colors to beautifully match your style, theme or the desired feel you’re looking to achieve.  Uplighting can be placed on the floor to shine up columns, up walls or behind trees and other props to give that extra appeal. They can also be clamped onto railings, trusses or onto tree’s for outdoor applications.

Call or email us today to discuss this option for your next event. We will be glad to give you a free quote and even meet you at your event location to discuss the options available to help make your event shine like never before!