Below are some of the questions you should ask the entertainment professional you are considering hiring for your event and our answers! Please feel free to call or email us if you have additional questions!

Are You Available?

This is the first question to ask as you are calling to find DJ/Entertainment for your event. When calling indicating the date, time, and location of your event.

How Much Do You Charge?

The biggest mistake most people make is that this is the ONLY question they ask! The DJ is the most important factor in the success of your event. Price should be your last consideration in looking for a DJ. Find out how good the DJ is, then consider the price. And don’t be fooled… you do “get what you pay for!”

We are not the cheapest, but we ARE THE BEST. There are some DJ’s with whom we simply can not and will not compete with in terms of price. This is because our standards are high, and so are our operational costs. We believe that the entertainment will decide the success of your event.

What type of equipment do you use?

You may not know anything about the equipment, but you can find out if your prospective DJ uses professional equipment with the most up-to-date technology. Do they use all CD players, or are they still using tapes or records? Are they using equipment made for home use, or equipment specifically made for professional applications. Also, find out if they use professional cases to transport their equipment. Professional cases keep the equipment working like new, and keep things looking neat and presentable.

All Sounds Unlimited uses the industry’s best and most up-to-date professional equipment made by the top manufacturers. In fact, much of the equipment we use is the same that you would find in the world’s finest nightclubs and on-tour with the biggest touring sound companies. We use all digital technology (compact discs). All of our equipment is housed in professional road cases for neatness and protection. We look great when set up at your event!

How long have you been in business and what type of experience do you have?

A company that has been in business at least five years is going to have more experience than someone who has just started. Ask what types of events the company has the most experience in Weddings, Corporate Events, Mitzvahs, Dances, Etc.

All Sounds Unlimited has been providing top-quality DJ entertainment in south central Ohio, including Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati over 20 years! We are experienced in every type of event, but specialize in Weddings!

What time will you show up for my event?

Professional DJ’s allow extra time in case of problems. A DJ that shows up 20 minutes before start-time to setup is a risk you do not want to take. Also, be sure you are not charged for setup/teardown time.

All Sounds Unlimited always shows up approximately 1-2 hours before your event start time. Setup usually takes less than 45 minutes. We are always ready to begin no less than 20 minutes before your event start time. Setup/Teardown time is on our own time, not yours. You pay only from the time we begin playing to the time we finish.

What type of attire will you wear?

Great question to ask! Would you expect to see a professional DJ/Entertainer show up wearing a tee shirt to perform at your wedding or formal affair? It happens! Tuxedoes should always be worn for all weddings and formal affairs.

Our DJ’s always wear tuxedoes to weddings and formal events; a shirt, tie and dress pants (stylish dresses for female employees) to semi-formal affairs; and appropriate attire to all themed events.

How do I know you will send a talented DJ to host my event?

Find out how the company selects their DJ’s. Do they provide comprehensive training to ensure all of their DJ’s consistently provide quality entertainment?

All Sounds Unlimited begins by selecting talented individuals. We then put them through an extensive training and/or evaluation period including on-site training. Only after they have passed this training, and our strict approval, do we send them out to host an event.

Will you just play music at my wedding reception, or will you also MC and coordinate it?

There is much more to a wedding reception than just playing music. Make sure your DJ/Entertainer will take the time necessary to sit down with you personally and make up a written order of events about the details of your reception. You want a DJ who is organized and will take full control of all the details at your reception. Part of this should include announcing and coordinating all of the special events for you. Also, be sure your DJ is flexible enough to handle any changes you would like to make to the order of events.

All Sounds Unlimited always takes time to personally meet with all of our clients to make a detailed agenda for your reception. This helps to ensure the success of your reception. During your reception, we will guide you through each traditional event from start to finish. This includes announcements, coordination with the other wedding professionals at your event (caterer, photographer, videographer, etc.), and, of course, a carefully selected variety of music.

What selection of music do you have?

This is a point often overlooked, even though it is the basic purpose of all DJ’s! Many DJ’s have a very poor selection of music. Find out what sources your DJ uses to get his music. Does he just buy albums like everyone else? Or does he have specific resources that allow him to be up-to-date and have a wide selection of music? Ask the potential DJ to send you some type of a song list. Or you could even ask if they have specific songs or artists you like. A DJ with a good selection of music and professional attitude will be happy to oblige!

We use all digital music files. All of our music is acquired through industry businesses which specifically provide music to radio stations, clubs, and professional DJ’s. We have thousands of songs from the 40’s through today’s sounds and we are updated weekly with the same new music radio stations and clubs receive. We realize that the selection of music a DJ has is a very important factor, and we are fanatics about maintaining a comprehensive music library.

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